Nationwide Charcuterie Kit

We are pleased to announced the launch of our nationwide charcuterie kit collection and delivery with Gourmet Dash!

With the ability to ship ingredients right to your door (across the United States), we have curated an experience to learn the art of building a beautiful charcuterie board. We have curated three kits as part of our collection with Gourmet Dash.

With different price points & serving sizes, explore our Petite, Classique, & De Luxe kits.


Can I send a kit to a friend or family member in another state or city? Yes, all of our kits in the collection can be shipped across the United States through Gourmet Dash, our partner. 

What is included in every box? Each kit will include all the ingredients for that specific kit, an instructional card from Charcuterie Chick, and direct link to our pre-recorded video tutorial for that kit selected.

What is the difference between the kits in the collection? The major differences are the quantities and assortments of ingredients. We’ve created a collection of three kits with different price points and serving sizes in mind. 

We suggest our Petite size kit for 2-4 people as an appetizer; our Classique for 4-6 people as an appetizer; our De Luxe for 6 people as an appetizer.

Is this kit a pre-made charcuterie board? No, this is an ingredients kit that is shipped, not a pre-made board. The recipient will receive all the ingredients to create their own charcuterie board. All the kits include premium cheeses, meats and accoutrements that are sweet, savory, and salty.  

How long is the pre-recorded video? All the kits include a step-by-step tutorial video and the video is approximately 20-25 minutes in length. You can pause or skip ahead, at any time. 

Where can I make a purchase? Please visit the Gourmet Dash website directly here to purchase from our collection.

Is this collection available for corporate groups? Yes, if you’re interested in setting up a corporate shipment, please email us and we will connect you with our Gourmet Dash contact that manages corporate requests.

If we purchase a kit, can we also schedule a virtual live class with you (Charcuterie Chick)? Yes! We still offer our virtual workshop experiences and this simply upgrades that experience when we are privately booked.

What is not included in the box? Fresh fruits/veggies and herbs are not included in your box and are simply optional additions. Please note that olives and hot & sweet peppers are included in select kits.

Is the slate board included? No, however, you may upgrade to include the Boska slate board.

How are the kits packaged and shipped? Gourmet Dash packs all perishable items in insulated boxes with reusable gel icepacks to keep your items cool during transport and ensure that your selections arrive fresh and delicious.  

Is shipping included? Shipping is free for orders of $75.00 and over. For orders that are $74.99 and under, shipping is a $25.00 flat rate. The shipping options pre-populate when placing your order (and are dependent on the delivery address).